Investments of Distinction




​​In Miami, an unusual factor is driving development:

New regulations allowing for the import and storage of perishables.

In the past, latin american countries were required by law to go to facilities in Philadelphia to prevent potential spread of medflies.

Recently, the Port of Miami and Miami Internationa Airport conducted sucessful pilots of cold treatment plants.

This will allow the containers from Peru, Chile, and Argentina to bring great grapes, pears and other fruits and vegetables into South Florida.

Huge containers will be needed at the Port of Miami.  Bottom line the market needs more of warehouse space to accomodate the additional cargo.  Biggest need is to have refrigeration and cooling to house these foods.

Another development driver of development is meeting modern design buildings and efficiency requirements.

These are some of the new requirements:

* 32 ft height minimum

*Energy efficient

*Larger trucks courts and staging areas

The world is coming to Florida's coasts